Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Good Way to Start the Day - Softly Lit Morning & A Cup of Tea

I’m the first one up and actually have time alone. I enjoy a quite house, the light coming softly through the windows, and a hot aromatic cup of tea. What a good way to contemplate the day! 

Tea kettle on. My morning cup of tea or should I say two cups; one cups not enough. Out comes my favorite two cup mug, chai spice black tea, honey and very vanilla soy milk. Ummm! Time to sit back enjoy the tea, check my shops, and browse a little.

Some of my finds just happen to relate to Tea time:

Coffeepot, golden roses
Golden sugar bowl
Cups: a tea for two

What a lovely cof---, no, no. I'd use it as a tea pot. So what a lovely tea set. Browsing done. Where's that good book? It's time to say bye, curl up with book and tea, enjoy the rest of the morning!


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