Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Deep Silence

On her Wonderlands of Ceramic site Sonja says “I have been playing with mud for 25 years” and she certainly has. After finishing her studies at Belgrade University of Applied Arts and Design, department of Ceramics, Sonja returned to her native city of Banja Luka where she works as a professional ceramicist. Sonja has been featured in 9 solo exhibitions in her own country and taken part in many international exhibitions around the world; her works have won her numerous awards. In 2012, in cooperation with the Aquarius Agency, Sonja designed the statue of a hippopotamus for Hypo Bank, Klagenfurt, Austria.

All of her life Sonja’s world has been full of deep, rich dreams and tales, many of which have inspired her art pieces. Even the name of her shop “DeepSilence” conjures up magical images of the deep, underwater world mentioned on her etsy About page.

I hope you enjoy her lovely pieces as much as I have!

Please join me celebrating Sonja's beautiful pieces.

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